—— Traditional Office ——
Energy Waste/Low Efficiency/Lack of Comfort
Lights on in daytime despite sunlight
Poor air quality Forget to turn off lights and AC
All air-conditioners on even if there’s only one employee on overtime
Time-consuming to prepare a meeting room
闷 热 空气差
Electrical overload causes fire hazards
Next-generation Smart Office
Improve safety · Save electricity bills

Centralized & distributed control of electrical appliances; alert hidden dangers such as fire hazards in advance

Boost efficiency · Minimize distractions

Preset different office scenarios and switch mode by one button press. Reduce distractions and improve efficiency

Comfortable and healthy · Improved office environment

Monitor and regulate the air quality, temperature, humidity, and brightness of the office in real time for healthy office environment

Hi-tech style · I work in a super cool company

Hi-tech office for improved corporate image and enhanced sense of happiness and belonging of employees

Personalized Area-specific Solution
—— Unprecedented Work Space ——
Structure of Crodigy Smart Office Control Hub
Different Levels of Authority, Area-specific Authority Available
Administrators and users are assigned different authority. Employees working in different areas have different authority as well.
Smart Control in Multiple Ways (incl. remote control)
Administrators can access the status of all electrical devices no matter they are in the office or not. They can remotely turn off all devices by one button press.
Smartphone APP
Smart Voice Panel
Online Control
Voice Control Device Supported
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