Product Introduction

The main electrical facilities (fingerprint lock, light, air conditioner, curtain, TV, controlled socket, etc.) in the hotel Room will be centrally controlled and managed by Room Control Unit RCU, which can be used for the transformation of new concept hotel/theme hotel/ home stay hotel/old brand hotel. Rich interface, high stability, support customized docking, support voice control. Powerful performance, can meet the intelligent configuration requirements of standard room, ordinary suite, President suite and other different rooms.

-- Controllable facilities: fingerprint lock, light, dimming, curtain, background music, air conditioner, air quality sensor;

-- support up to 10 intelligent scene presets, such as welcome mode, morning wake-up mode, romantic mode, sleeping mode, etc.;

-- the card automatically performs the check-in scene, and can set up two check-in modes in different time period;

-- the card is automatically pulled out of the mode, and all devices are automatically turned off;

-- type of docking panel: dry contact panel /485 panel/temperature control panel/voice panel etc.

-- the configuration software is easy to operate, supports fast replication, and completes room management in batches;

-- provide WEB page management platform, which can be customized to connect with hotel management software;

-- docking door lock control and face recognition can be customized based on the project;

-- WeChat control can be customized based on the project.

RCU-KCC1RCU Smart Room Control Unit
Product Parameters
Case size: 374*263*64mm
Built-in 12V stabilized power supply module
2 channel 485 interface
Network port, support extended TCP/UDP
24 way dry contact input
16 channel weak relay output
5 channel air conditioner relay
1 channel master control relay 63A
Maximum 16 way relay 10A
4 channel thyristor dimming
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