Perfect for Voice-controlled Smart Home

Talk to Your House for Everything

Mini control pad on the wall in each room

Remarkable Natural Language Recognition

Mini control pad on the wall in each room

Natural Interactive Experience

Built-in integrates voice pickup and voice generation Newly equipped with voice feedback for more natural and friendly interactive experience
“Smarty, turn on the light” “I’ve turned the light on”

Change Scenario

Settings as You Like—Personalized Is the New Smart

Exclusive “voice mapping” function developed by Crodigy

Users may set their own smart scenarios for flexible voice control

Switch on/off voice control at any time

What kind of smart scenario would you like? “Smarty, open sesame”

Offline Operation for Your Privacy

The voice control system operates as normal even if its is offline as it is configured locally For your privacy, the system will not record any of your voice commands

Voice Recognition
Privacy Protection
Available Offline
Highly Stable

Elegant Design

2.5D curved glass, a common smartphone screen material, is first used in smart home panels

11mm beautifully curved surface and anodized wire drawn button for enjoyable experience

High Compatibility

The system is compatible with many other brands as it adopts the open 486 communication protocol

Control by voice
Multiple light backgrounds for your choice
Control byswitch
Set your own wake-up time
Control individual devices such as lights, curtains, and air conditioners
Switch on/off voice control as you like
Control a group of devices at one command
Customize buttons and voice commands
Control device scenarios locally

Crodigy’s Upgraded Smart Panel

Interchangable PLD series, Elegant series switch panels

[ Appearance ]
6 key
[ Voice Command ]
The standard version supports Mandarin Chinese. Tailor-made versions available for dialect users and customers with special needs.
[ Product Specifications ]

Product: APanel ARIS Smart Voice Panel

Model: APanel-ARIS

Control: by voice/button

Language: Mandarin

Command: pre-defined list of demands

Size: 86mm×86mm×12mm

Button: Six buttons

Socket: 86 type switch socket

Operating voltage: 24VDC

Power (MAX): 6W

Port: 24V, A, B, G

Communication protocol: CP-BUS or 485

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